In-game ranking

In-game ranking works based on communication between game clients, servers and a tournament master server that used to be hosted on mycgiserver.com until it went down. Since there is no known backup of the tournament master server scripts, this feature is currently not functional.

MFW Ranking System

Community has been working on an alternative ranking system, off the game, that rates players after every match according to both their team and individual scores. It uses the so called MFW formula (from the last name of its creators: Caio Monteiro, Vinícius Fernandes and Ricardo Waga), which is basically the multiplication of three factors:

I = player frags / average frags

Ratio between one’s score and the average score, considering all players that finished the match; 1 in a full-balanced scenario and increases/decreases as one’s score differs from average.

II = 1 + (team captures - adversary captures) * 0.125 0.0625

A bonus/onus for victory/defeat, proportional to the difference of flag captures; 1 in case of tie, reaching 2 1.5 (maximum win by 8×0) or 0 0.5 (maximum defeat by 0x8).

III = adversary power / team power

Ratio between the believed power of the two teams, considering the sum of players’ previous ratings*; 1 in a full-balanced scenario and increases/decreases as one team is weaker/stronger than the other.

* As in the in-game ranking, new or unknown players are rated as 1 in team power sum.

To be valid for MFW ranking, a match must took place on the current competitive server (, have 4 or more players (no bots allowed), end by captures (8) or time limit (20 + 5) and not occur on 1x1ctf, Arena or Coliseu maps. Monthly rankings consider an average of the highest n rates by each player in that period, where n varies and is one third of the median number of matches played by all players an asymmetric trimmed mean discarding lowest 25% and highest 5% rates by each player in that period.

Players must take part of at least 20 matches throughout the month to be ranked.

(EDIT: changes since 2017/09).

Check MFW ratings here

Player stats

There is also a spreadsheet with the average statistics of ranked players, separated by month. It contains all Outgun standard player stats and also some additional data such as number of games played, winning rate, etc.

Check player stats here