Outgun 1.0.3 was the last official release by Finnish developers Nix and Huntta in the 1.0 branch, back in 2006. It added features and fixed the bugs found in 1.0.2, while remaining compatible with the previous 1.0 versions. Bot test versions 1 and 2 were released shortly after, allowing servers to have computer players, followed later by some newer but unstable test versions with a lot of additions.


27/07/2017’s last released package contains Outgun 1.0.3 bot 2 executable and all the needed support files of Outgun 1.0.3 with some minor but welcome changes.

There is also a re-released package of the r617M version, the last test version compiled by Nix and Huntta. It has some bugs, but it’s still interesting for hardcore players and dedicated servers.

Download 1.0.3 bot 2 package for Windows (roughly 2500k)
Download 1.0.3 r617M package for Windows (roughly 2600k)


Outgun 1.0.3 bot 2 hasn’t been re-released for Linux yet, nor any other version, so you should download one of the old bot test packagesfull or dedicated server – available at Nix and Huntta’s website, together with the required support files of Outgun 1.0.3. To avoid the “incorrect data received from master server” error when retrieving the server list, you will need to redirect the game to the correct server list master server address by placing master.txt inside the /config folder.

Source code

To install a compiler and/or compile Outgun and its dependencies, follow the instructions on the compiler installation page at Nix and Huntta’s website. Alternatively, if you’re using a Unix-like system, you can use the script provided in this package. It will verify the dependencies and optionally try to install them automatically if missing.

Download 1.0.3 bot 2 source code (roughly 350k)