Programming for 0.5.0 by
Fabiana Cecin (Spinal) <>
Random Name Routine(TM) by Renato Hentschke

Programming for 1.0 by
Niko Ritari (Nix) <>
Jani Rivinoja (Huntta) <>
Special player collision effects by Fabiana Cecin
Bots by Peter Kosyh (Gloomy), with modifications by Niko Ritari

Graphics themes by
Jani Rivinoja
Joonas Rivinoja
Thomaz de Oliveira dos Reis (ThOR27)
Renato Felix and Thales Zajdsznajder

Fonts by
Jani Rivinoja

Sound theme by
Visa-Valtteri Pimiä <>

Translations by
Finish – Jani Rivinoja (Huntta) and Niko Ritari (Nix)
Portuguese (BR) – Thomaz de Oliveira dos Reis and Caio Monteiro (Nosferatu)
Italian – Alessandro Ferrentino (Lo Scassatore)

Maps by
Cebs, coiote, Devil, evilKaioh, Flyer, Gloomy, Huntta, jarule, Kiss, Luque, Nosferatu, PHiN, Rubens, shadow, Slim, Spinal, ThOR27, th3b3st

1.0.0 beta and later bug reports (in decreasing order of bugs reported)
ThOR27 (very much deserving of his own line),
Spinal, Nosferatu, Joonas, PHiN, coiote, rFrota, K4, Zigue, Syrus, Miague, SnoOpY

This game uses these libraries:
* Allegro –
* HawkNL –
* Pthreads-win32 –

The Windows executable and DLLs have been packed to almost 50% of their original size using UPX –

The HawkNL NL.dll shipped with the Windows build of Outgun is modified by Nix to avoid some problems (sockets that are left open with at least Windows 98 SE, and “address already in use”). Sources for the modified version are available at