Outgun 1.0.3 r617M re-released for Windows

Although not publicly released at the time, version r617M was the latest test version packaged by Nix and Huntta, back in 2010. Like previous test versions, it had a lot of bug fixes and new features developed after the release of Outgun 1.0.3 and the bot test versions 1 and 2 in 2006:

  • Better bots than in 1.0.3 bot 2;
  • Screen scrolling and possibility to see an area larger than one room;
  • Basic replay (demo recording) and spectating functionality;
  • Server option for free turning, enabling mouse aiming;
  • Server-side random map generator;
  • New server options, including more health, energy, shooting and powerup settings;
  • Graphic themes could define all game colours.

Being still under development for an 1.0.4 version that never came out, some of these features do not work exactly as expected and are not very user-friendly. Even so, it’s still an interesting version for hardcore players and also highly recommended if you’re running a dedicated server – it fixes an annoying “intermittent shots” bug present in earlier versions of the game.

As in the re-release of version 1.0.3 bot 2, today’s package contains the game executable for Windows and all necessary support files with some welcome changes (gamemod file with better default physics, redirection to the current server list master server through master.txt, revised portuguese translation, Grid 2 graphic theme and a new map set).

Download for Windows (roughly 2600k)

Outgun 1.0.3 bot 2 package updated

Speaking of the re-released version 1.0.3 bot 2, it has had its gamemod.txt updated (bot settings added) and some insignificant revisions in the translation and readme.txt files. You probably do not need to upgrate your game, but the package for Windows has been relabed with today’s date and replaced for future downloads.


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