Outgun 1.0.3 bot 2 re-released for Windows

Hello everyone!

Today’s package contains Outgun 1.0.3 support files and:

  • Outgun 1.0.3 bot 2 executable for Windows;
  • Gamemod file with bot settings and better physics;
  • Redirection to the correct server list master server through master.txt, fixing the “incorrect data received from master server” error when getting server list;
  • Revised portuguese translation;
  • New Grid 2 graphic theme by Renato Felix and Thales Zajdsznajder;
  • New map set.

Download for Windows (roughly 2500k)
Download source code (roughly 350k)

EDIT (27/07/2017): Update of gamemod.txt (bot settings added) and some insignificant revisions in the translation and readme.txt files. You probably do not need to upgrade your game, but the package for Windows has been relabed with today’s date and replaced for future downloads.



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