About Outgun

Outgun is a simple multiplayer “capture the flag” game in 2D top view, to be played on a network. Servers up to 32 players are supported.

Download Outgun

For Windows 98 or above
Please check download page for test version, Linux and source code


Game Concept

You are a member of a team, either red or blue, assigned to you at random when you connect. Your goal is to help your team to win, by capturing the enemy flag. To capture the flag, a member of your team must steal the enemy flag and bring it to your team’s flag, provided your flag has not been stolen already! Capiche?

Moving and shooting

You move by arrow keys or keypad. If you have a joystick, you can also use that for moving by first setting it up in the controls menu. Shift is for running and alt for strafing, that means your gun won’t turn. You shoot with control keys!

At the bottom left of the screen are the health and energy bars. If your health drops to zero, you die. Energy is used for running, shooting and health protection when you have the shield powerup (you’ll know when you see it…). Health and energy regenerate with time.

Hit F1 for in-game help.


MFW Ranking – 10/2017

  # Player MFW* 1 Kanté ⇔ 1,42 2 MB-ThiagoNeves ⇑ 1,39 3 thales ⇓ 1,23 4 Trak-DH ⇑⇑⇑⇑ 1,09 5 Bitcoin ⇔ 1,08 6 MB-Cebs ⇑ 1,05 7 Dk.Felix ⇓⇓⇓ 1,03 8 DmX ⇑⇑ 1,03 9 jaru ⇓⇓⇓ 1,02 10 Sk-Slim ⇑ 0,99 11 MB-Nosf ⇓⇓ 0,98 12 Dk.shadow ⇔ 0,98 13 JoL-oTToS ⇔ 0,93 14 kaiolo 0,90 * Trimmed mean discarding the lowest 25% and highest …

Guinness World Records… of Outgun Vol. 2

Some new personal records achieved after April 2017, when statistics of competitive matches started to be saved: Alguns novos recordes pessoais alcançados após abril de 2017, quando as estatísticas de partidas competitivas passaram a ser salvas: Frags coiote, 301 frags 31/05/2017 (02:24:08 Mooca) Captures MB-Kiss/MB-Dybala/MB-Arya/MB-Kevinho, 8 captures (6x) 27/04/2017 (00:14:49 The Cover 4), 03/05/2017 (23:50:42 …